My luxury life: Claudio del Vecchio

The CEO of the Brooks Brothers group, who was in the UAE recently for the opening of Brooks Brothers' latest store at Yas Mall, talks about his favourite shopping spots and his dream home.

Claudio del Vecchio. Courtesy Brooks Brothers

If you could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you be? I don’t know, I’m easy. New York, I guess. It’s where I live now. I know it best. It also depends on where I want to be that day. If I want to be with my friends, then I would be in Italy. But for work – which most of my life revolves around – New York is everything you want it to be. You can eat anything you want to eat and do anything you want to do. You’re sitting down to the perfect meal. Where are you and what are you eating? With my friends in Italy eating the food my mother used to (and still does) make. This isn’t about luxury, it’s about comfort and an excuse to be with your friends. What are your favourite shopping districts? There are so many. I think Milan is a great place to shop. You can have a little coffee and spend some time there. You’re also close to everything. New York has everything, but it is very busy and wouldn’t be my choice. If you’re going to shop, then New York. But if you’re also going for the lifestyle, to just walk around and enjoy where you are, then Milan. Is there anywhere you haven’t visited but would like to go to? Dubai was actually one of those places, so I’ve crossed that off. I’ve never been to Africa. I’ve been lucky to travel a lot and have seen a lot of great places, but I’d like to do a safari in Africa. What can you not leave the house without? My phone. What was your first ever luxury purchase? I bought a long black leather jacket. I was walking around town for a few days feeling very proud of that purchase. What is the most overrated luxury, in your opinion? It’s tough to judge this. I think there is a luxury for everyone. Personally, I have a hard time justifying spending a lot of money on art if I don’t understand it. I also find it difficult to justify spending a lot of money on something just because someone says it’s rare. If it’s luxurious, why does it matter how many there are? What is your most treasured possession? My family and my kids. What does your dream home look like? A comfortable one filled with friends and family. It’s not about the size, but rather a house that is lived in. I like a warm house better than a luxurious home. It wouldn’t be located downtown in a city, but in the woods somewhere – away from everything. What is the current state of men’s fashion in the us? We are in a good place now, where men are starting to appreciate discovering new things. There’s still a percentage of men whose wives shop for them; because of that, they always receive the same size and colour. Lately, though, I think more men are discovering that there are new fits and fabrics out there. They’re becoming curious about quality.