MMA fighter Rafat Shawe to launch kickboxing bootcamps in Dubai

MMA fighter Rafat Shawe. Courtesy Rafat Shawe
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Looking to get fit but cardio-intensive classes don’t motivate you? Dubai-based MMA fighter and former international karate gold medalist Rafat Shawe, is launching kickboxing bootcamps in Dubai next month.

Fuelling the trend of martial-arts inspired workouts, Shawe’s classes will blend boxing, martial arts and cardio kickboxing for a full body exercise routine.

Martial-arts programmes can help improve strength, aerobic fitness and flexibility. The variety of movement also improves coordination and balance. If done correctly, the workout can burn about 600 calories.

The outdoor sessions begin on October 11 and will take place on Sunday and Tuesday at Palm Park, Palm Jumeirah. Each session is Dh100 or Dh800 for 10 sessions.

To join, email or call 050 495 4446