Hoda Saad blames Rotana clash for holding up new album

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Hoda Saad fans will have to wait longer for a new album.

Speaking from the Mawazine festival on Friday, the Moroccan singer shared her frustration at the constant delay to her anticipated third album and follow-up to 2011's successful Tayr El Hob.

The source of the wait, Saad said, is her disagreement with the mega entertainment conglomerate Rotana.

Saad, whose albums are distributed by Rotana, refuses to sign a management deal with the Saudi company.

The Ma Kounteish singer claimed Rotana is holding back the album's release until negotiations are resolved.

“I value my freedom,” Saad said. “I enjoy working with them when it comes to producing the albums but I need the freedom to choose what events I want to be part off. If I sign a full management deal with anyone I won’t have that option. It is frustrating but I hope the album will get eventually released.”

Owned by Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, the company is an entertainment empire spanning record labels and an artist management wing.

Artists signed to Rotana includethe  superstars Ahlam, Kadim Al Saher and Najwa Karam.

At her festival press conference on Wednesday, Karam said she had no problems with Rotana managing her.

“I have always been part of Rotana and never considered venturing into private production,” she said. “Rotana is a family for me and I am part of that family.”

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