Green is the new black

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This week's eco-fashion fix comes from Spain where a range of 100 per cent biodegradable shoes have hit the market for under DH50 a pair! Skin tight and made from breathable latex containing minimal colorants, pesticides and chlorinated phenols - these ergonomic, anti-slip pumps mould to your foot's exact form.
One Moment say its shoes were inspired by Amazonians who paint the soles of their feet with natural latex, obtained from Hevea trees, to enable their swift and safe movement through the jungle during the wet season.
In a bid to replicate the natural feeling, a team of architects, product designers and podiatrists created a sole that's up to 3mm thinner than that of a traditional shoe. As for the upper body, it is a mere 1mm thick and due to a polymer-injection technique, CO2 emissions and energy consumption are reduced in the manufacturing process, says the firm.
Available in seven colours including lipstick red, bubble pink and lime green, the shoes are recommended for the beach, gym or simply an urban commute to work.  Check out the designs at