5 Minutes with The Kaiser Chiefs

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British rockers the Kaiser Chiefs are headlining the next installment of Sandance this Friday at Dubai's Atlantis The Palm. We speak to bassist Simon Rix about the group's latest innovative release and at one stage being labelled "the new Blur."


The group are returning to Dubai after a DJ gig a few years ago. How was that experience?

It was a slight problem actually, we played at the opening of this wind surfing competition I think. It was at a garden and I remember it being far too hot to be playing really.

With your new albumThe Future is Medieval, you allowed fans to create their own digital version of the album by making 10 out of the 20 songs available as one purchase.  Were you happy with the response?

The first version every one could pick the songs they want and the art work and they get some money back if they sell a copy to another person. We enjoyed that process and it was a success in that it grabbed headlines and some people won awards for innovation.

Were you concerned the downloading of songs separately will cement your reputation as a singles band?

Yes and no weirdly. People do know us as singles band and I always like that because when we play live its great to have those massive singles with us. I wouldn't want to be in a band where a few people know our albums very well, I would rather all of them to know our singles. I'm not saying our albums are not good, but they have been overshadowed by these massive singles.

This year you released the same album physically under the new title Start The Revolution Without Me.

We learned that even if you try to do something different people like to be given a CD and the tracks in an order. Start The Revolution Without Me is the US version of the album with one new song. It really got a bit complicated in the end.

The songs in The Future is Medieval/ Start The Revolution Without Me are much darker than your previous offerings.

There is still bouncy tunes but that is partly true. I think that is because there is so many songs on there so there is quite a lot of range. There were things happening in peoples lives so we are more reflecting. When we first came out we were young puppies, bouncy and happy to be playing. Now ten years later...we still love to play energetic gigs and make sure every body has a good time but we see ourselves more as experienced musicians so we test ourselves more and experiment.

At least the press stopped labeling the band as "the new Blur."

When you are a new group everyone tries to label you as something. I didn't really mind it. At the beginning we did sound like Blur, The Beatles and The Clash. But now that we grew up we sound like ourselves.

The Kaiser Chiefs are headlining Sandance alongside Soul II Soul and Armand Van Helden. Sandance Beach at Atlantis The Palm, Dubai. Friday, 2pm to 2am. Tickets from Dh250 at www.timeouttickets.com