Ramadan line-up: Sharjah to release more than 90 new radio and TV shows in time for the holy month

A Kuwaiti drama inspired by Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez is one of many shows to air on Sharjah TV

Sharjah Broadcasting Authority has announced it will release about 90 new shows for Ramadan. Courtesy: SBA
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The Sharjah Broadcasting Authority has announced another bumper line-up of TV and radio shows set to air this Ramadan, with more than 90 programmes to be added to its network.

Up to 20 dramas, including a string of Kuwaiti productions, will be aired across SBA’s three television channels: Sharjah TV, Al Wousta TV from Al Dhaid and Al Sharqiyah TV from Kalba.

The remaining mix of programming – which spans culture, competitions and spiritual talks – will air across TV and radio, including both Arabic-language stations, Sharjah Radio and Sharjah Holy Quran Radio, plus SBA's sole English-language station Pulse 95 Radio.

These are some of the key shows coming soon to a small screen or radio near you.

The dramas

'Mohamed Ali Road' (Sharjah TV)

The plot of the Kuwaiti romantic drama, named after a main thoroughfare in Kuwait City, is inspired by the famous saying of the late Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez: “All human beings have three lives: public, private, and secret.” Led by stars Saad Al Faraj and Hiba Al Durri, the series follows a tumultuous relationship that takes place during the Gulf nation's pre-oil boom of the 1940s.

'Fi Dhakrat Al Dhil' (Sharjah TV)

This is another Kuwaiti show packed with star power. The indomitable Dawood Hussein leads a strong cast that includes Abeir El Gendy and Shaima Aly. The societal drama looks at how a split decision can change the course of one’s life.

'Darb Alshahama' (Wousta TV from Al Dhaid)

Horses and action abound in this Jordanian tribal series, starring Abir Isa and Jameel Barahmeh. The plot follows a bandit's quest to seek revenge against another tribe for the death of his wife and unborn child.

'Ka'ana shayyaan lm yakun' (Sharqiyah TV from Kalba)

The title translates to “Like Nothing Happened” and the plot of this Kuwaiti series unfolds in both the present and late 1990s. It follows  wealthy socialite Laila (Zahra Arafat), who suffers from depression after a string of personal setbacks.

'Bayt Al Buyut' (Sharqiyah TV from Kalba)

Veteran Kuwaiti actor Soliman Elyassin leads a multigenerational cast, including Abdul Mohsen Elnamr and Maram Al Balushi, in this drama that explores the challenges facing families and youth as a result of Kuwaiti society's class divide.

The lifestyle programmes

'Madafi’ Iftar' (Sharjah TV)

In the same fashion as last year, the channel will mark the end of the fasting day by broadcasting the live firing of a cannon from the Buhaira waterfront. This year, however, due to social distancing measures put in place by the Sharjah government, members of the public will not be in attendance.

'Ramadan, Dhalik Al Zaman' (Wousta TV from Al Dhaid)

The title means "Ramadan, that time" and this programme asks seasoned Sharjah residents about what life during the holy month was like back in the 1970s and 1980s.

'Nujoum Al Sharjah' (Sharjah TV)

We join Emirati presenter Humaid Al Awadi as he interviews celebrities and cultural figures at many of Sharjah's key landmarks. Expect episodes shot at the majestic Al Qasba waterfront district and amid the greenery of Flag Island.

The radio shows

Pulse 95 Radio

The northern emirate's only English-language radio station has boosted its programming during the holy month by launching a new daily talk show, Night Karak, which covers news, sports and Ramadan-related topics. The station will also produce numerous one-minute explainers that will tell you all you need to know about the practices associated with the holy month.

Sharjah Radio

The Arabic-language station will air up to 15 new programmes during Ramadan, covering cultural and literary discussions, Emirati folklore and cuisine. When it comes to the latter, the standout is Matbakh FM, which will discuss a range of much-loved dishes spanning the Arab world. The popular morning talk show, Al Atheer, will also continue airing throughout the holy month.


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