Take five... Actors who have crossed over to the music world

From Jeff Bridges to Scarlett Johansson, a few of the actors who've made successful forays into the music world.

With Jeff Bridges releasing his solo debut this week (turn to page eight for our review), we take a look at five other actors with musical talents.

Take Five... Steven Seagal

As well as busting heads on screen, the action star Steven Seagal has been carving out a minor career as a musician. He released two albums of self-penned songs mixing pop, world and blues and even did a duet with the soul legend Stevie Wonder. He often tours with his band Thunderbox.

Take Four... Minnie Driver

The British actress was in a band called Puff Rocks and Brown before her acting career took off. In 2000, she returned to music and released her country-influenced solo album Everything I've Got in My Pocket featuring members of The Wall Flowers.

Take Three... Scarlett Johansson

The actress released an album of Tom Waits covers in 2008. Anywhere I Lay My Head features 10 reworked songs from Waits and one original. The following year, she released Break Up, a collection of new material all written by the alt-country singer Pete Yorn.

Take Two... Jared Leto

Probably the most successful actor-turned-singer to date. As well as conquering the big screen with memorable parts in Requiem for a Dream and Fight Club, his rock band, 30 Second to Mars, grew to become a bona fide stadium act. Their Abu Dhabi show at Flash Forum in March was a sell-out.

Take One... Hugh Laurie

The House actor has been playing the piano since he was six and his musical repertoire grew to include the guitar, drums, harmonica and saxophone. All of this was put to good use on his debut album Let Them Talk. Released earlier this year, the album is a collection of blues classics.

Published: August 23, 2011 04:00 AM