Syrian folk and qawwali music to feature in Sharjah's Tanweer Sacred Music Festival

The line-up will also include international artists and speakers

The Tanweer Sacred Music Festival will take place near Sharjah's striking Mleiha Archaeological Centre. Photo: Tanweer Sacred Music Festival
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Syria’s Nawa Band and Canadian-American qawwali group Fanna Fi-Allah are some of the artists performing at the Tanweer Sacred Music Festival in Sharjah.

Taking place from November 24 to 26 near Sharjah's striking Mleiha Archaeological Centre, the cultural event will showcase ancestral music, arts and crafts.

Among those taking part is Fanna-Fi Allah. While originally hailing from Nova Scotia, the group's founder Aminah Chisthti studied Indian classical music with tabla virtuoso Harjeet Seyan Singh in India and qawwali maestro Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

First formed in 2001, the ensemble has released more than 10 albums and remains a popular touring act in South Asia.

Also featured in the festival are sessions from US yoga personality Kino MacGregor, 34th generation Shaolin warrior monk Master Can and Dubai choreographer Lina Nahhas.

As well camping under the stars, attendees can also take part in guided excursions to Jebel Buhais and the Mleiha Archaeological Centre.

The latter is home to Bronze Age tombs and pre-Islamic forts with a cultural impact extending from the 3rd century BC to the 3rd century AD.

Announced in August, Tanweer Sacred Music Festival promises to be a "transformative experience" for visitors, bringing together guests from around the world.

It will feature artists "who understand our message, and the need to revive and bring back our ancient wisdom through sacred songs and traditional music," says Sheikha Bodour Al Qasimi on the event's website.

"Tanweer means enlightenment – a meeting of minds and hearts," she adds.

"Tanweer will bring together the keepers of wisdom to raise our collective frequency and connect us with our past."

Further details about the festival will be announced soon.

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Updated: October 01, 2023, 11:13 AM