Five to fancy: Amina Aranaz’s favourite Aranaz bags available in the UAE

Amina Aranaz handpicks her five favourite Aranaz bags currently available in boutiques across the UAE.


Caterina Lip Shell, Dh2,150

For formal affairs, a sophisticated bag featuring a native Filipino pattern and textile. The gold chain gives it just the right amount of grandeur.


Flamingo Tote, Dh1,100

An exuberant bag perfect for weekend strolls. The detailing and colour choices are great, too.


Boqueria Clutch, Dh800

Colourful and chic, a clutch for a celebratory night out. The craftsmanship is flawless.


Crabby Tote, Dh1,000

A sizeable, sturdy work bag that will surely make you stand out from the crowd.


Pina Uma, Dh2,750

Tropical elegance. A work of art to have and to hold, literally.

Published: August 7, 2016 04:00 AM