Shah Rukh Khan's latest movie 'Zero' was partially shot in Dubai

The first trailer for the new movie has just been released and the UAE's biggest city provided the backdrop for several scenes

Shah Rukh Khan in 'Zero'. 
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Every move Shah Rukh Khan makes, Bollywood fans know - but something that hasn't been widely reported, until now, is the fact that his latest film Zero was partly shot in Dubai.

Dubai Film & TV Commission confirmed the UAE link with the Aanand L. Rai film on Twitter:

The movie tells the story of Bauua Singh (played by SRK), a dwarf who falls in love with a scientist who suffers from cerebral palsy (played by Anushka Sharma). Life gets complicated for him, however, when he has his head turned by a famous actress (played by Katrina Kaif).

It's said that the film will feature a cameo by Sridevi - making this the last film she acted in before her death. However, the late actress does not appear in the trailer.

A lot of the movie was shot in the US, particularly in Alabama, as well as in Mumbai. Filming began in May 2017.

Here's the first full trailer for the film - it's not immediately apparent which parts were shot in the UAE:

Shah Rukh Khan often works in the UAE, however, and is spotted in Dubai on a regular basis. Here he talks about why he loves filming here:

Another famous cameo in the film comes from Salman Khan, who was reportedly initially considered for the lead in the film:


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