Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut tests positive for Covid-19

She is one of many Bollywood celebrities who have contracted the virus over the past few weeks

Kangana Ranaut took to Instagram to announce that she tested has positive for Covid-19. AFP 
Kangana Ranaut took to Instagram to announce that she tested has positive for Covid-19. AFP 

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut took to Instagram on Saturday to reveal to her fans that she has tested positive for the coronavirus.

She said symptoms include feeling weak and tired and having a burning sensation in her eyes.

The Once Upon a Time in Mumbai star had planned to travel to the northern state of Himachal Pradesh and took a Covid-19 test in preparation. This showed she had tested positive.

“I have quarantined myself, I had no idea this virus is having a party in my body, now that I know, I will demolish it,” she wrote.

The actress has been posting extensively on Instagram, following her permanent suspension on Twitter on Tuesday, after making incendiary posts about the election results in West Bengal.

Ranaut responded to the ban by saying she is fortunate to have many platforms where she can raise her voice, "including my own art in the form of cinema".

The actress has been criticised repeatedly for her inflammatory comments on social media, as well as for for leaving her home without a face mask.

Her positive Covid-19 result comes among a number of other Bollywood celebrities affected by the virus over the past few weeks.

On Friday, May 7, actress Shilpa Shetty put up a post stating that the “last 10 days had been hard on the family” as her children, her mother, her husband, Raj Kundra, and parents-in-law, all tested positive for Covid-19.

“They’ve all been in isolation in their rooms at home as per official guidelines and have been following the doctor’s advice. Two of our in-house staff members have also tested positive and they are being treated at a medical facility,” she said in the post, adding that her test came back negative.

Shetty thanked the authorities for their prompt response and help, as well as fans for their love and support, ending the post with a plea to “mask up, sanitise and stay safe".

"Whether Covid positive or not, stay positive mentally,” she said.

Randhir Kapoor, Sonu Sood and Bhumi Pednekar are some other famous faces from Bollywood to have contracted reportedly Covid-19 over the past few weeks.

Updated: May 8, 2021 11:56 AM


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