Fashion notes: Dull your sparkle with earthy rings

This season, the finger jewellery to spend your money on is influenced by the still-strong bohemian trend, earthy stones, infused with cosmic textures and designed with geometric conceptions.

Sparkling emeralds and dazzling rubies, bordered by glistening diamonds, may suit the fancy of some. But this season, the finger jewellery to spend your money on is of a different type. Influenced by the still-strong bohemian trend, earthy stones, infused with cosmic textures and designed with geometric conceptions, are what you should look for. If they have peculiar shapes, exaggerated sizes and combine more than one stone or element, all the better. Try finding pieces set in thin wire bands to further accentuate the eclectic gypsy attitude.

What’s great about these boho styles is you can stack them up or wear them as singular statement pieces. It really depends on your outfit. Personally, if I’m having a jeans-and-graphic-T-shirt kind of day, I would opt for just one, but make sure it’s bold. A black-and-white marble stone in a large oval, or a gleaming green square-shaped design – one that commands attention, and adds a dash of attitude to your ensemble. If you happen to be wearing other accessories, such as a pendant, or a few bracelets on one hand, don’t worry about the ring clashing – as long as it’s worn alone. I have found that if you’re married or engaged, and wear a wedding band or engagement ring, you shouldn’t wear an oversized ring on the same hand – especially one of these bohemian types. Most times, it just won’t look right. Instead, wear it on your other hand. More minimalist styles, however, can look nice with commitment rings. Look for thin bands with small gemstones in midi sizes, so they can be worn above your knuckles.

If your outfit consists of more refined attire, and the look you’re going for is a little more elevated than a simple jeans-and-tee ensemble, then stack the rings. If you’re a regular reader, you will know by now that I’m sort of obsessed with tone-on-tone looks, comprising all-black, all-white or all-grey shades. Stacked-up rings look quite beautiful on these outfits. Mix and match different styles for optimal effect – don’t simply purchase a pack of four rings from Aldo and wear them as is. Throw a chunky silver cuff, a vintage heirloom and oversized turquoise ring into the mix, too. They will look best in slightly staggered positions, so find some smaller sizes to wear between your knuckles and fingernails.

If you’re wondering where to find such ring styles, it’s easy – they’re all over the high street right now. Forever 21, H&M, ­Accessorize, Zara and ­Stradivarius all sell them, in packs of multiple pieces, too. The best thing is they don’t look exceptionally cheap. Sure, they may not last forever, but you will get your money’s worth. You can even pair various rings with different prints and textures – just take a look at close-ups from the Gucci spring/summer runway show for inspiration.

If your daily life involves a lot of labour with your hands, you may not find rings to be the most practical of accessories. No worries – instead, layer bohemian-­themed pendants for a similar, slightly subtler look. Seek out simple chains with small pendants, and wear three or four together. But if you’re going for the stacked-rings look, there’s one important thing to keep in mind – and it has nothing to do with jewellery. Make sure your manicure is on point, because nothing ruins a set of wonderful rings than chipped polish or a broken nail.