NAIROBI, KENYA - AUGUST 18:  People walk down a market street in Eastleigh, a predominantly Muslim Somali neighborhood on August 18, 2009 in Nairobi, Kenya. Referred to locally as "Little Mogadishu", Eastleigh is home to thousands of Somalis who have fled war-ravaged Somalia in recent years. Over 300,000 refugees have left Somalia and have headed to neighboring Kenya, with most residing in the overcrowded Kenyan camps of Dadaab. Kenyan officials and western security services are becoming increasingly concerned that radical Islamists, specifically members of Al-Shabaab, are also settling in the Eastleigh neighborhood where they could use it as a base to plan future attacks throughout the Horn of Africa. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
Little Mogadishu - Eastleigh in Nairobi, Kenya - is home to thousands of Somali refugees. Getty

Book review: 'The Land between Two Rivers' painfully conveys the human cost of war

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