52 winning images at iPhone Photography Awards, including 'The Kid of Mosul'

The image shot in Iraq by Italian photographer Antonio Denti wins the grand prize

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A moment of tenderness amid the rubble and devastating destruction caused by war in Iraq is what has won Italian photographer Antonio Denti the Grand Prize at this year's iPhone Photography Awards.

The winning image, The Kid of Mosul, shot on an iPhone 11, shows a soldier cupping the face of a young boy in his hands, with destroyed buildings in the background. A cloud of dust hovers above the scene, the colours muted for a sombre tone.

This year marks the 15th iPhone Photography Awards and thousands of submissions were sent in from across the world.

Scroll through the gallery above to see the winning shots of the 15th iPhone Photography Awards

"Many of this year's winning shots depict beauty rising out of isolation and honour photography’s ability to build bridges across lost connections," reads the announcement.

In first place for the Photographer of the Year award is Rachel Seda from Sweden, for her image Anti-Social Distancing, which shows a man in a top hat with masks on his face and tissue wrapped around his neck like a scarf. She "turns masking up into an act of theatre", says the description.

There are three winners for each of the 16 categories, which include Abstract, Animals, Environment, Landscape, Lifestyle, Nature, People, Portrait, Still Life, Sunset and Travel.

Awarded photographers come from across the world, including Egypt, Canada, China, India, Japan, Australia, the UK and US.

On behalf of Egypt, Reem Borhan secured third place in the Still Life category. Her photo, Old Soul, depicts a cracked plate in a beige wall enclave, shot on iPhone 11 Pro in Fayoum.

'Old Soul' by Reem Borhan from Egypt came third place in the Still Life category. The image was shot on an iPhone 11 Pro. Photo: Reem Borhan / IPPAWARDS

Indian photographer Kaustav Sarkar won first place in the Architecture category for Shadows of History, shot on an iPhone 12 Pro. It shows the shadow of the Empire State Building stretching across buildings in New York City.

Also from India is Dimpy Bhalotia, who got third place in Lifestyle for Cycle of Life, shot on an iPhone 13 Pro Max, of two bikers in West Bengal pedalling down two parallel roads on a cloudy day.

Chinese photographer Kuanglong Zhang won second place in the Travel category for his shot of Varanasi, India, during the winter, as four boys bathe in water with sea birds circling overhead.

From the UK, Charlotte Mason-Mottram won second position in Nature for her striking shot Midnight Succulent of a green cactus against a purple wall, taken on an iPhone 7 Plus in Arizona.

'Midnight Succulent', shot in Arizona by Charlotte Mason Mottram from the UK. The picture was taken on an iPhone 7 Plus. Photo: Charlotte Mason Mottram / IPPAWARDS

American photographer Andrea Buchanan took first place in Nature for Moose in Aspen, shot on an iPhone 12 Pro Max in Utah.

Photographers from the US dominate the winning selection. Arevik Martirosyan, also from America, secured first place in the Portrait category for his Untitled image of a pensive-looking man in Los Angeles, California, shot on an iPhone 12 Pro Max.

In the Series category, American Rich Lemonie got top spot for Abandoned Blues, a series of photos of peeling, blue-hued rooms shot on iPhone 12 Pro Max in New Jersey.

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Updated: August 11, 2022, 3:21 PM