What to expect from Jeddah Season 2022

After a two-year hiatus, the festival of art, culture and entertainment is back

Fireworks during the F1 Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit. There will be regular firework displays during Jeddah Season. Getty
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Jeddah Season is returning this year with a new slogan to celebrate Ayamana Al Helwa or “our lovely days”.

The art, culture and entertainment festival promises 2,800 events to be staged across the city in May and June, and to help visitors better navigate the busy schedule, the city has been divided into nine zones.

These include Jeddah Jungle, Jeddah Yacht Club, Prince Majid Park, City Walk, Jeddah Pier, Jeddah Art Promenade, Al Jawhara Stadium, the Jeddah Superdome and Al Balad, the heritage area also known as the Bride of the Red Sea.

Scroll through the gallery below to see more of Al Balad:

Comic Con fans will enjoy the anime events at City Walk Zone, while the country's largest zoo will be housed, fittingly, within Jeddah Jungle.

There will be a fireworks display on the promenade each night, as well as a continuing science festival, a host of performances by Arab and international names — including K-Pop stars — new restaurants, cafes and amusement parks, and even a show created especially for the occasion by Cirque du Soleil Fuzion, which will run for a month.

Names of performers have not yet been announced, but the last event featured Backstreet Boys, K-Pop stars Super Junior, and EDM DJs such as Martin Garrix, Afrojack and Marshmello.

US DJ Marshmello performed as part of Jeddah Season 2019. AFP

This is the second Jeddah Season. It was launched in 2019 but was forced to take a two-year break by the coronavirus pandemic. Now, organisers are keen to build on the global recognition the city has gained from of hosting events such as Formula One.

“As a city, it will bear witness to all kinds of sports, cultural and entertainment events activated throughout the year,” said Kaswara Al-Khatib, chairman of the National Events Centre, at the unveiling in Jeddah on Saturday.

As well as building on Jeddah’s history and culture, the season will also officially open the Jeddah Yacht Club during Eid weekend, while Prince Majid Park will host weekly bazaars, exhibitions and a fairground.

The festival, created to celebrate Jeddah’s heritage, is also part of a wider strategy to bolster the city’s status as a tourist destination, as well as being one segment of Saudi Seasons.

In turn, this is all part of the kingdom’s Saudi Vision 2030 plan to diversify away from fossil fuels and make the nation a major tourist destination.

The recently concluded Riyadh Season recorded 15 million visitors during its five-month duration.

Speaking of how the Jeddah Season is different from the others, Al-Khatib said that “we focus more on sustainability, and want to export all these entertainment and cultural activities, from Jeddah to the world”.

Updated: April 11, 2022, 6:59 AM