ISIS rocket attack on Iraqi oil refinery sparks blaze

Firefighters work to extinguish flames caused by rocket at Siniya refinery

An oil refinery in northern Iraq was set ablaze by a rocket attack on Sunday, refinery officials said.

Firefighters are trying to bring the fire at the Siniya refinery in Salahuddin province under control.

No casualties were reported. Operations were halted at the refinery after the attack.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the strike on the refinery, which is close to northern Iraq’s biggest, Baiji.

The extremist group’s official channel said two Katyusha rockets were used in the attack.

Siniya was captured by ISIS in 2014. After the group was ejected from the area by Iraqi forces in 2015, it took two years to repair the refinery, which produces 20,000 barrels a day, and get it back online.

ISIS used oil smuggling to finance many of its operations.