Mosques targets for Islamophobic attacks in Britain

Anti-Muslim incidents on rise in UK

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 20: A police car is stationed after an attack at the London Central Mosque in Park Road, near Regent's Park on February 20, 2020 in London, England. A man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after allegedly stabbing a 70-year-old man this afternoon inside the mosque near Regent's Park in Central London. (Photo by Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images)

The stabbing at London Central Mosque on Thursday is the latest in a series of attacks on Muslim places of worship in Britain.

Islamophobic incidents have risen in the UK since 2017, when rights monitor Tell Mama recorded a jump in anti-Muslim attacks after the Manchester Arena bombing.

Numbers have continued to rise and in 2019, the group reported Islamophobic incidents had soared by almost 600 per cent.

Recent cases of attacks targeting Muslim places of worship:

London mosque painted with Islamophobic slogans, 2020

Islamophobic slogans were daubed on a building near a south London mosque in January this year. London mayor Sadiq Khan said: “Let me be clear: all prejudice is cowardly and criminals will face the full force of the law.”

Birmingham mosque attacks, 2019

In March last year, five mosques in Birmingham were vandalised with sledgehammers in a series of attacks. A 34-year-old Iranian man later admitted to causing religiously motivated criminal damage.

Finsbury Park attack, 2017

Darren Osborne, from Cardiff in Wales, was sentenced to life imprisonment for terrorism-related murder after driving a van into pedestrians near Finsbury Park Mosque, killing one man and injuring at least nine people.

Suspected arson attack in Oldham, Manchester, 2017

The door of the Jamia Qasmia Zahidia Islamic Centre in Oldham, Greater Manchester, was set alight and badly damaged in May 2017. An imam at the mosque said the incident was an arson attack in revenge for the Manchester bombing.

Grove Lane Islamic Cultural Centre stabbing, 2017

Two men were arrested after a stabbing attack outside the Islamic Cultural Centre in Alrincham, Greater Manchester. The victim, Nasser Kurdy, was a surgeon who treated victims of the Arena bombing.

Arson attack in Grimsby, 2013

Two former soldiers were jailed for throwing petrol bombs at a mosque in Grimsby, four days after the murder of Lee Rigby in 2013. Sentencing the two soldiers and an accomplice, Judge Mark Bury said: “This was a crime of violence where a particular religious group was deliberately targeted in an act of retribution.”