Gerard Depardieu meets Putin, picks up Russian passport

French film star receives a hug from president Vladimir Putin and a new Russian passport after abandoning his homeland to avoid a new tax rate for millionaires.

French actor Gerard Depardieu, left, greets Russian President Vladimir Putin after his arrival at Putin’s residence in Sochi.
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MOSCOW // French film star Gerard Depardieu received a hug from president Vladimir Putin and a new Russian passport yesterday after abandoning his homeland to avoid a new tax rate for millionaires.

Mr Putin signed a decree on Thursday granting Russian citizenship to Depardieu, who has fumed over French president Francois Hollande's plan to impose a 75 per cent tax rate.

The two men were shown on state television shaking hands and hugging in the Black Sea resort of Sochi yesterday during what the Kremlin said was a private visit by the actor to Russia.

"A brief meeting between the president and Depardieu took place," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. "On the occasion of his visit to Russia, he was handed a Russian passport."

Mr Peskov did not say if Mr Putin personally gave him the passport. Depardieu also told Mr Putin about his career plans, he said.

Depardieu's best known international film is Green Card, about a poor French immigrant who enters a sham marriage so he can stay in the United States.

Mr Putin said last month that Depardieu would be welcome in Russia, which has a flat income tax rate of 13 per cent, compared to the 75 per cent on income over €1 million (Dh4.79m) that Mr Hollande wants to levy in France.

He offered Depardieu the Russian passport saying he had developed warm ties with the actor - even though they had rarely met.

Depardieu is popular in Russia, where he has appeared in many advertising campaigns, including for ketchup. He also worked there in 2011 on a film about the Russian monk Grigory Rasputin, which he discussed with Mr Putin at their meeting.

Depardieu waved his new Russian passport before media cameras when he arrived in Saransk, a provincial town in the Mordoviya Republic, south-east of Moscow, to celebrate the Orthodox Christmas.

He was greeted on the airport tarmac by local officials and women dressed in traditional Russian gowns who offered him bread and salt as well as "blini" pancakes.

The governor suggested he settled down in Mordoviya, Itar-Tass reported. Residents also presented him with two kittens.

Depardieu bought a house in Belgium last year to avoid the French income tax increase, a move French prime minister Jean-Marc Ayrault called pathetic and unpatriotic.

French budget minister Jerome Cahuzac said yesterday he regretted Depardieu's decision to move to Russia and was disappointed the actor was shirking his patriotic duty to help the country during tough economic times.

"I find it a little ridiculous that for tax reasons, this man has gone into exile so far to the East," Mr Cahuzac told Europe 1 radio.

Some of Mr Putin's critics said the passport move was a stunt and pointed out that the president announced last month a campaign to prevent rich Russians keeping their money offshore.