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Where to get help

Resources for abuse

Dubai Foundation for Women and Children runs a hotline for victims of domestic and child abuse. It offers a shelter for women and their children as well as outpatient support, such as counselling. Call 800 111 or SMS 5111.

Dubai Police run a 24-hour hotline for reporting sexual abuse, including against children. The number connects to officers in the Criminal Investigation Department. Call 04 266 1228.

The Indian Community Welfare Committee runs a hotline for housemaids and women in distress. Those seeking help or counselling can call 050 943 3111.

In Sharjah, people who want to report suspected child abuse can call 800 700. Cases are referred to the emirate's Social Services Department.

To report domestic violence in Sharjah call 800 800 700. The hotline reaches a shelter for Emirati women, but anyone witnessing violence against women can call for help.

In Abu Dhabi, the Family Development Foundation operates a family counselling service. People seeking counselling for family problems, including abuse, can call the foundation at 02 409 0111 and ask for the "Shawer" service.

* Vivian Nereim

Updated: April 22, 2012 04:00 AM