When is the next UAE public holiday?

Residents won't have long to wait as Al Hijri New Year is approaching

The Eid Al Adha break is over and it's back to work for many UAE residents.

But for those who have returned rather bleary-eyed after the four-day public holiday granted to the public and private sectors and are hankering for another break, there isn't going to be much of a wait until the next holiday.

The Hijri New Year — the first day of the Islamic calendar, or lunar calendar, which marks the day the Prophet Mohammed migrated from Makkah to Madinah — falls on Muharram 1, 1441 which is set to be August 31.

The exact date of Al Hijri New Year is dependent on the moon sighting, and the government has not confirmed any dates, although it could be that workers are given another long weekend as August 31 is a Saturday.

Last year, the private and public sectors were given one day off — a Thursday.

The occasion does not involve public celebrations or events, and hotels and bars are usually asked to refrain from serving alcohol.

After Al Hijri New Year, the last public holiday of the year will be for Commemoration Day and National Day, from Sunday, December 1 to December 3.

This year, the UAE cabinet announced that the private sector would have the same amount of holiday as the public sector.

The decree, which unified the holiday days for the public and private sectors, stated that both workforces will have 14 days off in 2019.

The standardisation was part of a drive to attract Emiratis to the private sector.


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