WATCH: Emirates A380 makes incredible landing during high winds in Germany

No one injured on flight EK55 as heavy landing caught on film at Dusseldorf airport

Emirates Ek55 approaches Dusseldorf airport during high winds on October 5, 2017. Picture: YouTube screengrab Cargospotter
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Skilful flying from the pilot of an Emirates A380 has helped a plane land safely in Dusseldorf on Thursday.

The tricky landing was filmed by a plane spotter near the airport who caught the moment high winds unbalanced the aircraft as it approached the runway.

No-one on board Emirates flight EK55 was injured.

Cargospotter, who filmed the incident and added the video online said this particular landing stood out from the many he has previously filmed.

“I have filmed a few thousand crosswind landings at several airports in Europe within the past years, but this Airbus A380 crosswind landing was extremely hard and extraordinary,” he said.

“At first it looked like a pretty normal crosswind approach but after touchdown the pilots tried to align with the runway which looked pretty incredible.

“I have never seen such a tremendous reaction of an airplane after a touchdown. You can see that the pilots tried to align with the runway by using the tail rudder and luckily it worked out. This video shows the incredible skills of the pilots.


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“Even after an unexpected wind gust after touchdown they managed to re-align with the runway.

“Incredible job by the pilots. Watching an Airbus 380 is always interesting and a pleasure to watch.

“I would really like to know what the passengers thought during the arrival today at Düsseldorf.”

“At no point was the safety of the passengers and crew onboard compromised,” an Emirates spokesman said.​​​​​​​


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