UAE consumer Q&As: Am I responsible for phone calls made on my stolen phone?

Q: My work phone was stolen from my baggage during a flight from Dubai to Qatar. By the time I realised it

was missing two days later, Dh6,000 in calls had been made

before the telecoms firm blocked the phone and emailed me. My insurance will only cover the cost of the handset, but the telco says I am liable for the cost of the calls. What are my rights?

A: You should report theft to police as soon as possible. Ensure that the police have given you a document stating that your phone is missing. Once you have received the police report, you may submit it to your service provider. The service provider may block phone services upon your request but any calls made or charges incurred must be borne by you before notifying them about blocking the services.

Q: I bought a second-hand car with a full service history. After a week there was a major fault. When I took it to the garage, the mechanics said the service documents were false, as was the mileage. I wanted to return the car to the seller, but he said the car was bought as seen. What are my rights in this case?

A: The false documents that were provided to assure you about the condition of the car may be regarded as a breach of contract. As per Article 544 of the Law No?5 of 1985, a legal remedy may be sought upon discovery of the fault. If the fault existed at the time of sale, the buyer may choose to return the car or accept it with a reduced price.

Q: I treated my family to a meal at a costly

restaurant. The next day three of them


a stomach ailment.

The restaurant

denied it was

responsible. Can I demand a refund

and compensation?

A: Restaurants and hotels have to ensure that their food items are safe for consumption. Such matters should be reported to the municipality. Failure to comply with quality standards could result in the suspension or cancellation of the restaurant's licence.

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