Two men kill flatmate ' in fight over woman'

Two men are charged with carrying out a fatal beating over a love interest.

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DUBAI // Dubai police have arrested a second college student suspected of beating a man to death in a disagreement over a woman.

Police say the man fled to Egypt after he and a fellow student assaulted their roommate in an apartment they shared in Jebel Ali. All three men were from Nigeria.

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Police arrested one of the men along with the woman they were fighting over after receiving a tip off about the killing more than a week ago. They say he confessed and told them his compatriot had fled the UAE and was heading to Abuja via Cairo.

"Immediately, Interpol contacted the Egyptian authorities, who detained the suspect before his departure [for Nigeria]," said Brig Gen Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansoori, the director of the Dubai Police Criminal Investigation Department.

The man was found with bloody clothes and other incriminating evidence, according to police, who said that after UAE officers arrived in Egypt, he confessed to them and to Egyptian authorities.

The man was extradited to Dubai last week and, along with his compatriot and the woman, has been referred to Public Prosecution on charges of assault leading to death.

"I would like to thank the Egyptian diplomatic corps in the UAE, who went above and beyond to help us apprehend and deliver the suspect," said Lt Gen Dahi Khalfan Tamim, the chief of Dubai Police. "The man was arrested within one hour of our request and handed over to Dubai Police representatives."