UAE drivers count benefits of CNG conversion

Motorists found a respite resorting to CNG for their vehicles and thus they save money and help protecting the environment as well.

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ABU DHABI // Tamer Mohammed Osman converted his car from petrol to compressed natural gas almost a month ago and is enjoying the benefits.

“I converted to contribute to the green initiatives and protect the environment from carbon-dioxide emissions,” said the Egyptian, who drives a Nissan Patrol.

“Another reason is that when fuel prices were deregulated my fuel expense jumped, so I converted to CNG to save money.”

Indian Nizamuddin was asked by his sponsor to have two vehicles converted when petrol prices increased.

“Before, I was filling up on Dh120 but never measured how many kilometres we covered. Since the rise, we began thinking about that,” Nizamuddin said.

He can now fill the CNG tanks of his pick-up and Toyota Corolla for about Dh17 each.

“After filling up, I went to Dubai and drove around the city until the CNG ran low,” Nizamuddin said.

“It means I covered about 158 kilometres on Dh17 with the air conditioning on.”

Abu Dhabi taxi driver Abul Basher has been driving on CNG for two years. His Toyota is fitted with a 50-litre tank.

“After filling up on CNG for Dh14, I can drive up to 120km on highways and in the city it can cover 100km,” the Bangladeshi said.