Fare dodgers targeted in crackdown on bad behaviour on Dubai buses

Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority is reminding travellers about the importance of 'good conduct' on public transport

Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority held awareness campaigns to cut down on fare dodging and other offences on public transport. Courtesy RTA

Transport chiefs in Dubai are aiming to clampdown on bad behaviour on buses - after dealing with thousands of offences last year.

The Roads and Transport Authority has held a series of awareness campaigns at Al Rashidiya and Al Ghubaiba bus stations, educating the public about the need for "good conduct" when on board.

The move comes after the authority dealt with more than 37,000 offences in 2018, mainly from people failing to pay for travel.

Thousands of leaflets with information on appropriate ways to act while on public transport were distributed as part of the initiative.

“About 6,000 brochures were distributed, which included tips on good conduct while using buses and related facilities that would contribute to the convenience and happiness of riders,” said Mohammed Nabhan, director of the Transport Activities Monitoring department for the RTA.

“The Transport Activities Monitoring department had reported more than 37 thousand offenses in 2018 mainly related to the use of public transport means, facilities and services, or entry and exit of trips on board the buses without paying the prescribed fees.

"RTA considers public bus users as partners in safeguarding this vital mode which serves millions of people. Issuing fines to offenders is just a reminder to avoid recurrent offences towards realising RTA’s vision of safe and smooth transport for all."