Dubai Police warns drivers the fast lane is only for overtaking

Video posted by the force urges people to keep it clear or face fines

Tailgating is a leading cause of road deaths across the UAE, according to police. Mona Al Marzooqi / The National
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Dubai Police has warned drivers to only use the fast lane for overtaking.

In a video reminding everyone of the rules of the road, authorities said the left lane should always be kept free unless overtaking.

Dubai Police and the Roads and Transport Authority posted the warning to their social media pages.

“Refusing to give way in the fast lane is illegal,” Dubai Police said.

Drivers should always make way for vehicles approaching fast from behind, even if they are driving within the speed limit, it said.

“In case a driver does not make way for you, avoid tailgating and keep a safe distance from the other vehicle.

“Remember that the fast lane is only for overtaking and emergency vehicles always have priority.

“Make way in the fast lane.”

The warning may have been posted by authorities in Dubai but the rule applies across the UAE.

Under 84 of the Traffic Federal Law, both drivers are at considered at fault, and the tailgater and car blocking it from passing it can face fines of Dh400. Tailgaters will also receive four traffic points.

Abu Dhabi activated special cameras last year which are designed to catch tailgaters and people hogging the left lane.

Drivers who did not leave a safe distance from the vehicle in front of them would be sent a text message warning them that they would be fined the next time they tailgate.

If caught again by the smart system, motorists will be given a Dh400 fine and earn four black points on their licence. It is unclear what distance the cameras will deem to be tailgating but it will likely depend on the speed limit on the road.

Tailgating is one of the five main causes of road deaths across the country, according to police.