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Everyday people's thoughts about Ramadan

Ramadan is known around the world as the month when Muslims fast from dawn until sunset.

But the holy month is also a time when people evaluate their lives.

We try to connect with our families, neighbours and friends, give charity to the poor, be kind to people, forgive those who wronged us, be merciful and generous, never talk badly about anyone and be a hard worker despite the feelings of hunger and thirst.

Unfortunately, many of us are far removed from many of these disciplines - you need only watch how people drive on the motorway or observe a heavy smoker coming in to work in the morning.

When I was a child, Ramadan was the best time of the year. The fun began after the night prayers.

We used to play volleyball, hide and seek, cards and another game associated with Ramadan, which consists of one item called "a piece of bone".

The players agree who will start and then he or she shows the bone to the rest of the players to make sure they can identify it once it gets thrown in the sand.

The players then have to find the bone. Whoever does must run back to the base.

If that person is caught, the one who caught him throws the bone next.

We would play this game until morning, and regardless of our promises to fast the first thing we did after we finished playing was drink water.

As an adult, I try to take advantage of Ramadan as a time of spirituality and a period to reconnect with family members and friends.

My Ramadan resolution this year is to add bodily cleansing and watch what I eat.

People tend to gain weight during Ramadan rather than losing it due to the high calories they consume.

Ramadan Kareem, and try to be a good person.


Suhair Alqadsy is a sales and marketing professional from Dubai who works in Abu Dhabi.

Published: August 26, 2011 04:00 AM