Student 'broke man's hand' in fight over parking space

During a fight over a parking space, a student broke another man's hand, causing a permanent disability, a court heard.

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DUBAI // A student broke another man's hand in a fight over a parking space, a court was told yesterday.

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance heard that ML, a 23-year-old Syrian, caused a permanent disability to MH, a 35-year-old Iranian mechanical engineer, during a fight at the Dubai Creek car park on December 24 last year.

Prosectors said the fight started when ML parked in a space MH had been hoping to use.

"I went down and told him that this is my parking as I was waiting there before him," said MH, "but he replied that it was none of my business and asked if I wanted to fight."

During the ensuing scuffle, ML lifted MH and threw him to the ground, prosecutors said.

RS, a 36-year-old Iraqi housewife, said she had witnessed the attack. "I went to [ML's] car ... and opened his car door and told him, 'How can you run away after you have caused the injury of the person?', but he was very angry and slammed the door again."

She said she tried to prevent ML from leaving but did not succeed.

ML is charged with assault and causing a permanent disability of 30 per cent, but without intention. He confessed at the first court hearing.

The trial will resume on December 15.