Sharjah to set up dispute-resolution panel for Al Dhaid

The move was ordered by the Minister of Justice following pressure from the FNC.

ABU DHABI // The Minister of Justice has ordered a dispute-resolution panel to be set up in Al Dhaid, Sharjah, after pressure from the FNC.

A 2001 law requires all courts to have such panels as a means of settling disputes out of court, but Al Dhaid did not have one, adding to court workloads and inconveniencing residents.

The minister, Dr Hadef Al Dhaheri, was questioned on the matter by Musabah Al Ketbi (Sharjah), at last week's session.

Mr Al Ketbi said that those in dispute had to go through long court procedures or travel to Sharjah. Dr Al Dhaheri said that only a few cases went through the Al Dhaid court, but Mr Al Ketbi said that he had received many complaints.

Yesterday Wam, the state news agency, reported that the minister had issued a resolution to set up a panel in Al Dhaid, and in Dibba Al Hisn and Dibba Fujairah. "I was expecting this," Mr Al Ketbi said.

"[Dr Al Dhaheri] always works quickly and follows on our requests." He said that last year when he complained to the minister about Emiratis being prevented from travelling because of court cases against people with similar names, he responded immediately.

Mr Al Ketbi said Al Dhaid residents were thrilled by the news.

"This was needed for a long time," he added.