Reminder of the Prophet's example

Today's sermon says the Prophet Mohammed "was the most generous, gentle and patient of all".

As tomorrow marks the Prophet Mohammed's birthday, Muslims will be reminded in today's sermon of the traits he showed that they should emulate and teach to their children.

"He was compassionate with his family, a joyful companion, gentle with his children and grandchildren," the sermon says.

"He once led people in prayer while [his granddaughter] Umama, the daughter of Zainab, was on his back. He was the most generous, gentle and patient of all."

The sermon recalls an incident when a Bedouin man grabbed the Prophet, who was wearing a heavy, rigid shirt, so the man's grip left a mark on his body.

The man told him: "Hey, Mohammed, order me some of the money you have." The Prophet looked at him, laughed, and ordered the money for him.

He was very humble. When entering a majlis he would sit at the nearest empty spot, not asking for room at the centre.

He was also patient with anyone making a request. "He wasn't harsh or sharp. He was very forgiving, always concerned about his ummah in this life and the afterlife," the sermon says.

The prophet was a blessing as he shifted people from ignorance to enlightenment and was always a saviour, the sermon concludes.

Published: February 3, 2012 04:00 AM