Reem Island bridge accident leads to lane closures

Residents said they received a text message about the accident from Khidmah, the buildings' facilities management company..

ABU DHABI // Damage to a bridge connecting three residential and commercial complexes on Reem Island led to the partial closure of two lanes on the road beneath it on Tuesday night.

Panels were missing underneath a section of the footbridge between Sun and Sky Towers and Gate Towers and Arc buildings, and the structure’s interior skeleton framing was exposed.

Building residents said they received text messages from Khidmah, the facility management company, informing them of the bridge’s temporary closure due to an accident.

Sammy Molua, a Gate Towers resident who uses the footbridge on a daily basis to get to and from work in Sky Tower, said security had diverted him from the bridge on his way back home.

“It’s OK now, but in the summer months, it will be a different experience if it is still closed,” said the Cameroon citizen.