RAK police arrest 'international' drug dealer in undercover operation

The man was caught with 500 captagon pills and Dh30,000 in cash

Photo of the suspect
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An "international" drug dealer was caught in an undercover operation by Ras Al Khaimah police with 500 captagon pills and Dh30,000 in cash.

Col Adnan Ali Al Zaabi, director of the anti-narcotics department at RAK police, said authorities began investigations after receiving information about illegal activities being carried out by the suspect, who they say smuggles narcotics and hides them in farms in the countryside.

“We managed to catch an international drug dealer while selling captagon pills," Col Al Zaabi said.

"An investigation team was formed to catch the suspect red handed in an undercover operation in collaboration with the Anti-Narcotics Department at Abu Dhabi police and – the serious incident department – F7,” he said.

“One of the police officers posed as a buyer and arranged to meet the suspect, who turned out to be a professional drug dealer."

“The suspect checked the surrounding area before meeting with the buyer to make sure that there were no police officers around. During the selling process, he tried to run away, but police officers managed to arrest him with 500 captagon pills and Dh30,000 in his possession,” said Col Al Zaabi.