Public have say over radioactive material rules

Nuclear regulators ask for input into how it is transported.

ABU DHABI // Nuclear regulators are asking the public for their views on the rules governing the transport of radioactive material.

The consultation is one of several measures in recent months to keep people informed about the nuclear programme and nuclear waste management, and to address concerns about the potential consequences of accidents at power plants.

A draft of the safety guide, with a glossary of industry terms and vocabulary, will be available for 30 days on the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation website,

The guide is meant to help licensees make decisions about transporting radioactive material, used not only in nuclear power plants but in other applications such as oil wells and body scanners.

The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation has also taken steps to gain support from the public as four nuclear reactors are built 300 kilometres from the capital. The government's nuclear company held a forum in June to address concerns related to Japan's partial meltdown and radiation contamination after a tsunami and earthquake. It also commissioned a poll that found 60 per cent of respondents supported the construction of a nuclear plant in their emirate.

The moves were praised in a report this month by the International Advisory Board, a group established by the UAE that includes nuclear officials from the US and other nations.

Published: August 25, 2011 04:00 AM