Policeman tells Dubai court he was tricked by CID into admitting drug-taking

Yemeni officer is on trial for allegedly consuming hashish.

DUBAI // A policeman accused of taking hashish told a court that he was tricked by CID officers into confessing.

“Your honour, I was arrested at my work place and was told it’s due to drug-use suspicion and, being confident that I had never took [sic] drugs I was very cooperative with the officers and went willingly to undergo a test,” said the 23-year-old Yemeni.

He was told that his test results came positive “but I am certain they didn’t or were altered because I simply didn’t take drugs”.

“Then the officers told me that if I signed a confession they will end the case, so I did what they said but they didn’t end it and I found myself in jail then referred to court,” the officer added.

“We were tipped [off] about him and when we arrested him on July 12 this year, he confessed he used hashish on the third day of Eid Al Fitr,” said a 27-year-old Emirati police officer.

“I am a victim, your honour,” said the defendant.

The next hearing will be on October 12.


Published: September 18, 2016 04:00 AM