Police stay mum over abandoned Al Ain baby

The people who found an abandoned baby in Al Ain two weeks ago say they have heard nothing from the police.

AL AIN // The family of a girl who found a baby at an Al Ain hotel say they have heard nothing about the fate of the infant or the identity of the parents in the two weeks since the discovery.

The baby was discovered in the ladies' locker room at the Danat Al Ain Resort 10 days ago by an 11-year-old girl and an American woman. The baby was crying in a locked cubicle and had been there for more than two hours, officials said.

"We were all shocked and rushed to the changing room to see for ourselves," said the 11-year-old's older sister.

"The baby was maybe a couple of days old and its umbilical cord was still attached. It was heartbreaking."

Police, CID investigators, a forensic evidence team and an ambulance were sent to the hotel and the baby was taken to Al Ain Hospital, where she was found to be in good health.

But since the infant's discovery, there has been no update on her situation.

"We all have a personal interest in this baby's welfare and want to know what happened," said the elder sister. "We heard from the hospital that the American woman is trying to adopt the baby, but we don't know for sure."

A source at the Danat Al Ain Resort said that its surveillance camera tapes were being examined by CID investigators.



Published: August 10, 2011 04:00 AM