One Direction promoter says scalping tickets illegal in UAE

No tickets will be physically issued for the April concert until January, and measures have been put in place to reduce resales.

Done Events, organisers of the One Direction concert in Dubai in April, said it was a criminal offence to scalp tickets in the UAE.

The firm’s chief operating officer, Thomas Ovesen, said no tickets would be physically issued until January, with proof of identity needed to collect the tickets along with the receipt – measures put in place to prevent secondary ticket sales and scalping.

“If you try to sell your current receipt or if you have purchased such a receipt, the new owner will not be able to show valid identification and will not be able to collect the treasured hard copy ticket that is required to gain access to the event on April 4.

“This is probably the most bulletproof protection against unwanted secondary ticketing and scalping.”

He admitted tickets could still be sold on after the hard tickets were issued.

“After the release of the physical tickets, we will have some built-in security measures making it impossible to fake or reproduce tickets but also making it easier for us to track if someone is scalping.

“Under UAE law, selling on these tickets will be considered a criminal offence and we will take appropriate legal action required to protect the fans and band against such scalping.”

He warned concertgoers not to buy tickets from unauthorised sellers.

Published: December 23, 2014 04:00 AM