New mum found dead with baby outside Ajman health centre

The maid's body was dumped with her healthy child outside a health centre in Ajman.

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AJMAN //  The body of a maid, who died after childbirth, has been found dumped outside a health centre in Ajman along with her new baby, according to police.

The dead woman, identified as a Bangladeshi housemaid, had given birth at a house in the emirate last weekend but began bleeding soon afterwards. She was taken by four friends to a clinic in Dubai for treatment but died on the way back to Ajman. Her body was dumped with her healthy child outside the centre, said Lt Col Abdullah bin Saif Al Matroushi, from Ajman Police.

The mother and baby were discovered by a resident who immediately contacted the police and emergency services.

"After the police were notified an ambulance and CID officials rushed to the scene," said Lt Col Al Matroushi.

"The baby was found to be still alive and was carried to Sheikh Khalifa hospital. The mother's body was taken to the police forensic laboratory as we started the investigations."

Lt Col Al Matroushi said investigations led officers to arrest four Bangladeshi nationals, two women and two men.

"The dead woman was identified as RBS. She had entered the country to work as a maid but ran away from her sponsor. The two men helped her get part-time work as a maid.

"In the process she struck up an illegal relationship, resulting in a pregnancy. When the time for delivery came the two women, with whom she stayed, offered to help her deliver the child at their accommodation," said Lt Col Al Matroushi.

"In the process there were complications, she started bleeding profusely and they carried her to a private clinic in Dubai to get some medication.

"When they were returning to Ajman she died in the car and they decided to abandon her near a health centre and fled to Abu Dhabi," said Lt Col Al Matroushi.

The male suspects, AAN and ALS, and the women, BAQ and AA, were arrested in Abu Dhabi in an operation with police in the capital.

Ajman police have referred the case to prosecutors.