Nanny who molested boy, 4, is jailed for three years

Two doctors say the boy was sexually assaulted

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A nanny who molested a boy in her care has been jailed for three years.

A sexual assault was reported to police in March after the boy’s father overheard his son, 4, telling his grandmother that the nanny had touched him under his diaper and “caused him pain”.

The Filipina nanny, 33, began working for the Emirati family, at their home in Al Rashidiyah, a few months before.

“We were potty training him but at night we would let him wear diapers, so I asked the accused to put on his diaper before he went to bed,” said the boy’s mother, 34.

When her son said he was in pain, she checked the area and saw that it was red. Thinking he had a rash, the mother applied a cream on him.
Two days later, while she was with her mother and children, she heard the boy telling his grandmother that the nanny had been touching him and had hurt him.
"I asked him again and again to make sure he wasn't making it up, then took him to the hospital where two doctors checked him and confirmed that he had been sexually abused," said the mother, who called her husband and told him what happened.
The husband reported the nanny to police who asked both doctors to provide them with a medical report. Police arrested the defendant, but she denied sexual assault when she appeared at Dubai Criminal Court.
On Monday, the nanny was sentenced to three years imprisonment. She can appeal within two weeks.