Men tried to kidnap and molest student, Dubai court told

The alleged sexual assault happened outside a petrol station in Jumeirah

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Two men attempted to kidnap a woman and sexually assault her, Dubai Criminal Court was told.

On January 20, the 20-year-old Saudi Arabian student met with three men at Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

She told prosecutors that while she spoke to them, one of the men became sick and left.

The woman then accompanied the two remaining men to a nearby petrol station to get food.

Once they were done eating, they returned to the car and the woman asked to be driven back to the hotel. She said the men refused and began touching her inappropriately against her will.
"One of them stepped out of the car and wanted to lock it. When I dangled a part of my body out trying to escape, the one inside pulled my hair to get me back inside while the one outside pushed me back in," she said.
The woman managed to jump out of the car to run away but the men chased her on foot.
"I ran towards a car which turned out to be a police patrol and told them what happened," she said.
A policeman told the court that he was in the patrol when the student ran towards them looking for help.

"She was very scared, out of breath and holding her neck. When she finally spoke she said some men wanted to abuse her and kill her," said Emirati policeman, 19.
The men were arrested and charged with sexual assault and attempted kidnap.
The 24-year-old Iranian and Emirati defendants each denied charges in court.
The next hearing is scheduled for June 10.