Man and two women get six months for running a brothel

A man who rented a flat for two women in exchange for sex with them and a portion of their proceeds in the sex industry was sentenced to six months in prison.

AJMAN // A man who leased a flat for two women in return for sex and a monthly income from their work in the sex industry was sentenced today to six months in prison, a court in Ajman said.

The two women, SS, 36, and EP, 34, both Indonesian, also were each sentenced to six months in prison for having sex with men for money. They were all found guilty of the charge of running a brothel.

According to records, MA, 39, of Bangladesh, advertised the women's business and took men to the flat to have sex with them for Dh60 per woman at a time, prosecutors said.

Police became aware of the crime on February 9, and assigned an officer to conduct an undercover sting operation to arrest the defendants.

When the undercover police officer went to the flat in Al Nuaimia area, he found one woman lying naked on a bed, and another woman naked in the shower, waiting for him, according to prosecutors. The women were arrested along with MA, and they were referred to prosecution, records said.

All three confessed to the charges during investigations, prosecutors said, adding that each defendant tried to throw blame on to the others.

Police confiscated money, condoms and billing notebooks from the flat, prosecutors said.

The defendants will be deported after serving their prison terms.

Published: April 21, 2011 04:00 AM