Man accused of assaulting woman who refused his advances in Dubai lift

The prosecution said that the defendant tried to flirt with the woman in the lift. When she didn't respond he punched her in the face, groped her and pulled her hair.

DUBAI // A businessman attacked a British woman in an lift when she spurned his advances, the Dubai Criminal Court has heard.

On Tuesday, H K, 28, a Pakistani, denied the charges of sexual assault and physical assault on F O, 23,

Prosecutors said that at 2.30am on May 31 the woman was returning from a birthday party to her flat in Tecom.

While waiting for the lift in her building, she noticed a man was waiting there too, and he held the door for her.

Once in the lift, H K tried to flirt with her. When she didn’t respond, H K stopped the lift and punched her in the face.

“He grabbed my hand then punched me on the face throwing me back to the lift’s wall,” said F O.

He then grabbed her by the neck and groped her.

F O managed to press a button to open the door of the lift, but H K pulled her by her hair to stop her escaping.

He eventually fled when F O screamed loudly.

“I saw two people at the 17th floor after the attacker ran away, I told them what happened and they called police,” said F O.

A A, an Emirati policeman, said he attended the scene after a Syrian family had reported a sexual assault.

“They said that heard a woman crying and when they talked to her she told them about the attack so they called police,” testified A A.

Police suspected a man who had repeatedly entered the building and F O identified him from a photo.

A medical report from Rashid hospital said F O suffered scratches to her neck and chest.

The next hearing will be on January 4.

Published: December 23, 2014 04:00 AM