Magic man vows to wow Eid TV audiences tonight

Emirati illusionist, Moein Al Bastaki, promises to impress MBC audiences during 12am show.

DUBAI // Emirati illusionist Moein Al Bastaki plans to wow Middle Eastern audiences this Eid with illusions never before attempted in the region.

Fans can tune in to MBC at midnight for the Sabah Al Kheir Ya Arab programme, when Mr Al Bastaki will perform live for three hours – well into the early hours of tomorrow morning.

Sahar Al Shamrani, a producer for the show, said Mr Al Bastaki is a hit with viewers.

"Tonight will be Moein's second time on the show and I am sure he will be attracting even more fans because each time he performs, he surprises everyone," she said.

The show promises a varied number of illusions set to "shock" the audience.

"He is always very secretive about what he is preparing," she said.

However Mr Al Bastaki told The National that one of the scenes will feature him teleporting from one location to another in front of passersby at Wafi Mall. "What I will do on the show, you don't see often in this part of the world," said Mr Al Bastaki.

The Eid performance on MBC is just the start of a very busy schedule for Mr Al Bastaki this festive season.

"On the fourth day of Eid I have an interview with a Qatari radio station then I am filming a performance for Sama Dubai in Lebanon," he said. "I am also preparing for one of the biggest shows in the region at the end of September called Kalam Nowaim - an Arabic version of US talk show The View - which hosted Hillary Clinton recently."

The idea for his next big magic trick has not gone down too well with local TV stations, he said. The illusionist is studying one of the most dangerous tricks in the industry: being buried alive.

"This illusion was rejected by television stations in the UAE because of its danger so we might take it to another country," said Mr Al Bastaki. "The reason I try dangerous things is to put myself in a different category than other magicians and that's what I like about American illusionist Criss Angel, because he goes that extra mile."

His most dangerous stunt to date was setting himself on fire.

The Emirati performer, who plans to open a magic school in Dubai before the end of the year, also incorporates mind-reading into his act, which he says is a combination of "neuro-linguistic programming skills, psychology, showmanship and body language".

"We are opening a door that was not there before, and trying to make magic available like any other art," he said.

"I used to be scared of being an illusionist but the audience is starting to accept the idea of

magic as just an illusion.

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Published: August 30, 2011 04:00 AM


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