Lessons on how to keep Abu Dhabi clean

More than 700 women and children in Bani Yas get lessons on keeping the city clean.

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ABU DHABI // Women and children in Bani Yas have been given lessons in keeping the city clean.

Over 700 women along with school teachers and pupils attended the lessons as part of the 'Assematy' [my capital] initiative, which was launched by Abu Dhabi Municipality in June 2010 to preserve the city.

Activities included removing and painting over graffiti on walls. Participants were also lectured on recycling and encouraging children not to litter.

The women were taught how to handle, segregate and recycle household waste by Fatima Al Harmoodi, from the Waste Management Center. She explained to the women how to use three different coloured bins for different types of waste.

Ms Al Harmoodi asked the women to take part in community events and to "instil these values in the conscience of your children".

Etidaal Al Shamsi, a preacher at the Islamic Affairs and Endowments Authority, also lectured parents on the importance of "imparting in their youngsters the values of maintaining the overall appearance of the city and shunning negative practices".

Abu Dhabi Municipality hopes to expand the programme to cover the emirate.

Similar events have been held in Mushrif, Murour, and Al Rawda.