How to register your own private boat

Anyone can own a boat in the UAE, given they follow a six-step registration process.

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DUBAI // With 360 days of sunshine, it is little wonder boating is such a popular pastime here.
Any resident can own a private boat or yacht in the UAE, but it must be registered with the National Transport Authority (NTA) .
This involves two trips to the NTA and two to the Coast Guard (including one trip with your boat).
First, gather your Emirates ID card, passport and visa copies, and original receipts and sales agreements for the boat.
If you bought the boat second hand, you'll need a deletion certificate from the previous owner. You'll also need an Arabic letter from your boss, confirming the doesn't mind you having a boat.
Then it's the NTA office in Port Rashid between 8am and 2pm. There, you'll fill out a form with your boat's specifications and confirming it has an anchor, torch, first aid kit, distress flares, navigation lights and life jackets.
They will hand you some forms, which need to be taken to the Coast Guard's inspection office . Hand over your documents, sign a couple forms and you'll get a registration number. That number must be in 6-inch tall stickers fixed to both sides of your boat.
Now a final inspection: sail your boat to the Coast Guard dock next to Port Rashid. If you need a transponder, you'll need to pay them a Dh7,000 deposit to get one.
If your boat passes, you'll be given an inspection certificate. Return that to the NTA office, pay a Dh520 fee and collect your registration card.