Coronavirus: Abu Dhabi door-to-door testing drive to continue until 'Covid-19 fight is won'

Police and medics have teamed up since early June to provide free testing in the most densely populated areas

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A major door-to-door testing drive in Abu Dhabi is set to continue until the fight against Covid-19 is won.

The initiative - operated by Abu Dhabi Police's special patrol unit, Al Mersad, together with medics and volunteers since June - targets densely populated neighbourhoods

Residents are offered free Covid-19 tests as part of efforts to ensure all sections of society have access to screening.

Areas such as the Tourist Club, Khalidiyah, Al Najda, Al Zafaranah and parts of the Corniche have been covered during the intensive campaign.

Testing-teams will continue to knock on doors every evening to help safeguard the health of the public.

Starting this week, the focus will be on Mohammed bin Zayed City.

“We will continue and fight til the end, until we reach zero cases,” said Mansoor Al Qubaisi, an official from Seha, Abu Dhabi's public hospitals operator.

“Everything is running smoothly and almost everybody we visit agrees to get tested.

“Who wouldn’t want to check their status under those circumstances? The service arrives at your door and free of charge.”

Abu Dhabi Government Media Office posted a video on Monday highlighting the success of the operation.

In the video Mr Al Qubaisi confirms “the mission is still on, we are teaming up with our partners to continue doing screening for all areas.”

A paramedic featured in the video stressed the need to continue to hit the streets of the emirate until the virus is eliminated.

The door-to-door Covid testing unit in Abu Dhabi

The door-to-door Covid testing unit in Abu Dhabi

“We all have to keep the same pace in order to reach zero-Covid cases,” the paramedic said.

A number of residents who benefited from the testing drive said they were grateful for the support.

“Thank you for coming to us to protect us from this pandemic,” said a resident, who was not named in the video.

Abu Dhabi has driven down cases significantly in recent months, ensuring commuters and visitors must present a negative Covid test when they drive into the emirate, and carrying out free testing and tracing to identify potential outbreaks.