Businesses in Dubai no longer required to carry out Covid-19 temperature checks from January 1

Department of Economic Development eased safety regulations on Wednesday

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Businesses in Dubai will no longer be required to use thermal scanners or conduct Covid-19 temperature checks from January 1 under new guidelines.

Commercial establishments such as malls were allowed to reopen in late April in line with strict safety measures, which included temperature checks for customers and employees.

Malls were initially limited to 30 per cent capacity as part of a gradual reopening of the economy before being allowed to fully reopen in June.

Dubai's Department of Economic Development said safety measures would be eased for the new year in a circular on its Twitter account on Wednesday.

Customers entering premises must still wear face masks if mandated and keep two metres part in line with social distancing practices.

The authority also removed the need for valets to cover seats and steering wheels with plastic when parking vehicles.

The department carried out extensive safety inspections at premises, including restaurants, shopping centres, open markets and gyms, in recent months to ensure traders were abiding by Covid-19 regulations.

Several premises were shut down or hit with fines for flouting rules such as the mandatory wearing of face masks and social distancing practices.

In the latest round of inspections, the authority praised the compliance of businesses after no warnings, fines or closures were necessary.