Gyms in Dubai urged not to sell banned drugs and steroids

The campaign is advising gym goers and owners to steer clear of these drugs due to the potential risk they pose to health.

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DUBAI // A campaign has been launched urging all gyms in the emirate not to sell or trade in banned drugs and steroids.

Consumer protection officials at Dubai’s Department of Economic Development have joined forces with the UAE’s National Anti-Doping Committee to raise awareness about the issue.

The campaign is advising gym goers and owners to steer clear of these drugs because of the potential risk they pose.

The initiative was launched with the aim of ending the sale and use of unlicensed drugs from the local market.

It follows a recent increase in the number of complaints about gyms promoting and selling such products.

“As part of the awareness campaign we have directed the 178 gyms operating in Dubai not to sell or promote banned drugs, and also display messages to caution members and visitors about such products,” said Abdul Aziz Al Tannak, director of the DED’s Commercial Control Department sector.

“We have issued clear guidelines for gyms to follow in the case of such drugs.”

DED inspection teams will visit gyms and fitness centres in cooperation with the National Anti-Doping Committee to make sure rules are being followed.

“Promoting third-party products inside gyms is also not allowed and violators will invite fines. Repeated violations will lead to temporary closure of the facility,” Mr Al Tannak said.

“The awareness campaign is part of a series of such initiatives DED has launched to protect consumers.”

Mr Al Tannak urged consumers to exercise caution and avoid being tempted by trainers or other gym users to use harmful stimulants.

Members of the public are advised to report any illegal practices on the Ahlan Dubai call centre number 600 54 5555, via the Sallety smartphone app, on Twitter at #Dubai_consumers, or on the Dubai Consumer channel on BlackBerry phones.

The complaints will be immediately referred to the concerned department and action will be taken against the facility, Mr Tannak said.