UAE vaccinates more than 78,793 in a day against Covid-19 as nationwide push steps up

The country saw one of the biggest days yet in the campaign, as the number of new cases hit a new high

The UAE delivered 78,793 Covid-19 vaccine shots to people in a single day, as the UAE stepped up its campaign to protect the public from the pandemic.

In the space of 24 hours, 78,793 shots were administered across the country, officials said early on Sunday.

The authorities - which publish figures based on the number of shots taken - said 1,020,349 had been given so far across the nation.

On Sunday, the National Crisis & Emergency Management Authority (Ncema) said 10.32 vaccine doses had been delivered for every 100 people, the second highest on a global chart after Israel.

The vaccine figures came after the UAE reported 2,998 new cases on Saturday - the highest since the outbreak began.

It marked the third day in a row that cases have been above 2,900 and came as mass testing continued following the festive holidays.

Five further deaths were reported taking the total to 702, while 2,264 people recovered.

Since the outbreak began, the country has confirmed 227,702 cases, with 203,660 people recovered to date.

For three days in a row more than 160,000 people were tested, with Saturday marking a record at 168,770.

Saturday's figures followed the diagnosis of 2,067 new cases on Wednesday, rising to 2,988 on Thursday and 2,950 on Friday.

Hundreds of thousands of residents were tested as they returned to work following the Christmas and New Year break, which the rise is thought to be linked to.

Some tourists already in the UAE, including from the UK, have found the rules have changed since they arrived. They must now get tested before they fly home.

Tourists and residents who are due to fly in the coming days were urged to get tested well in advance.