UAE's new digital well-being policy to encourage 'positive interactions online'

New policy also includes a new video games rating to warn of mature content

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A digital well-being policy that aims to create a safe online environment was launched by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid on Monday.

The Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai said the goal was to ensure a positive environment for people of all ages - who spend more time online than ever before.

It covers an online behaviour code that will be taught to Emiratis in government schools and a new rating system to keep parents informed about the video games their children play.

The policy was drafted by the National Council for Quality of Digital Life, which was established by the Cabinet.

“We adopted the National Policy for Quality of Digital Life to maintain a healthy and positive digital environment for new generations who spend more time in virtual reality than in the real world. Our aim is to make their reality positive, productive and safe,” Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid said on Monday.

The policy will be taught at government schools from nursery to grade 12 by being incorporated into subjects including moral education, social studies, Islamic education and computer sciences.

Material will also be given to parents so they may learn to protect themselves and their children.

Another part of the policy is the establishment of a ratings system, called Sannif Initiative, for online games. The Telecommunications Regulation Authority will oversee the system, which includes icons warning of profanity, sex and violence to guide parents about content.