UAE gives Dh200m to Interpol’s terror fight

Announced ahead of the Unity for Security Forum in Abu Dhabi, which starts on Tuesday, the money will help to fund collaborations and training in Interpol’s 190 member states.

Brig Hamad Al Amimi greets Jurgen Stock, Interpol’s secretary general, on Monday ahead of the Unity for Security Forum at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center. Delores Johnson / The National
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ABU DHABI // The UAE has contributed Dh200 million to the Interpol Foundation for a Safer World, supporting seven projects fighting global crime and terrorism over five years.

Announced ahead of the Unity for Security Forum in Abu Dhabi, which starts on Tuesday, the money will help to fund collaborations and training in Interpol’s 190 member states.

“Building relations with relevant institutions in the fight against crime strengthens the fight against global crime through cooperation,” said Brig Gen Hamad Al Amimi, director general of the federal police at the Ministry of Interior.

“The UAE’s support for the projects shows its continued commitment to ensuring the security and safety of the international community, in a way that strengthens the security and stability of the country.”

The three-day forum will gather ministers, senior government officials and the private sector to identify their responsibilities in tackling future security threats, with a focus on counter-terrorism, cyber crime, cultural heritage, vulnerable communities, vehicle crime, drugs and illicit goods.

“What we’re going to do in this conference is make the world safer and more stable,” said Brig Gen Al Amimi.

Interpol is being encouraged to play a larger role in improving global security.

“It is a time when the threats posed by terrorism, organised crime and cybercrime are more complex and international than ever,” said Jurgen Stock, Interpol’s secretary general.

“However, meeting these global security challenges is not, and should not, be something which police can do in isolation.

“The forum also includes the private sector to discuss areas of common ground for cooperation with law enforcement and identify ways by which we can build sustainable, future-oriented partnerships.

“This really is a unique event and I am sure it will help all of us whose duty it is to work towards a safer and more secure future in forging a strong path together.”

On the seven projects being funded with UAE money, Mr Stock said: “It’s mainly further developing our global early-warning system against the main threats we are facing and developing our network.

“One of the major roles of Interpol is providing a platform for information-sharing.

“It is important in all crime areas that member countries are in a position to exchange relevant information, to organise transnational operations that Interpol coordinates.

“So it’s about capacity-building, training police officers, taking down botnets for example, and strengthening a global network of law enforcement.”

The UAE has been a member of Interpol since October 1973, with the organisation’s National Central Bureau for the UAE in Abu Dhabi.

The UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda aims for the country to be the safest place in the world.

“During the forum, we will focus on introducing initiatives on global security that will unite the efforts of citizens and law-enforcement authorities to eliminate terrorism and reduce the impact of conflict, while promoting well-being in safe and vibrant societies,” said Elias Murr, president of the Interpol Foundation for a Safer World.

“Such projects are the first of their kind to be offered over the world and they come out of Abu Dhabi because it has become a hub for security over the world. We all share the same objective, which is making the world safer.”

Last year, the Interpol Foundation and the Ministry of Interior signed an agreement to establish its world bureau in Abu Dhabi.

Although not open to the public, live updates from the forum will be offered on social media using the hashtag #UnityForSecurity.